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“This writing isn’t interesting nor funny,” says the average person who subscribes here.

Welcome to gardenofanxiety.com.

The site is named such because all the pieces here are pulled from a journal, filled mostly with anxious thoughts, that I write in whenever there’s something I no longer want to keep inside my head.

Sometimes the items in the journal are existential breakdowns about who I’m going to become, and other times they’re just snippets or recordings, flashes of the day that I want to preserve, like the time a woman at the airport a few feet in front of me towed her screaming child on a leash. Other times they’re self-focused narratives, like the time I had to ring the bell and have a conversation with the man at CVS who talked me through which tube to buy from the locked case of hemorrhoid cream.

Experiences or feelings that make their way, like seeds, into the anxiety journal, where they sit and sprout until they become worthy of more extensively writing about.

If you like what you read, please shoot me a note, so I know what resonates.

May we all learn to be grateful for the terrible parts of life that we’re forced to reap and sow.

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I write stuff that ends up in places like NYTimes, Esquire, and The Guardian, but first, it ends up here. It's non-fiction that reads like fiction.


Alex Kruger

I write non-fiction that reads like fiction at gardenofanxiety.com